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U2 Fitness Centre is located in Warrnambool with full gym facilities including creche, free weights, cardiovascular exersise equipment, weight-loss programs, fitness classes ....



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We have available specialised classes such as Reformer Pilates, MCIT, SLAB, X Factor, Smokin Guns, Boxalates, Maxride Abs+, Blood Sweat & Tears and Runners. We also offer Group PT.


personal Training

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Personal training for individuals, couples and small groups is available to all members, especially those who lack motivation and confidence. Personal training can help you to achieve results faster ....


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Welcome to U2, the place where men and women get to be real and get results.

Our concept is like no other and the fact that our trainers are all champions at what they do is testament to the quality of training and results you will achieve.

Our team is here to get you the results you want either through one on one personal training, or group training, or “Super 7 fitness slots”; these are great ways of getting results within your budget.

If you are looking for a training facility that has trainers
who make a difference then this is the place for you.

No queuing for equipment, no waiting around, no random posers, just solid logical training from passionate trainers.

The human body is incredibly complex and still not fully understood. The reason for many people’s weight gain and dysfunction are often as varied as their hair or skin colour.

It is extremely important to do a wide variety of tests and assessments to find the underlying reasons why the individual cannot achieve their goals.

Is it hormonal, biomechanical, lifestyle, digestive, psychological? You just don’t know until you do the investigative work to find out.

“If you are not assessing, you are guessing.”

Knowing your particular needs, goals, desires, body composition, dietary position and lifestyle allows us to specify a tailored training program for you to achieve maximum results.

There is no magic solution that works for everyone that’s why the tailored wholesome approach, which all U2 trainers are unique in providing to clients is so successful.

Every session is planned to maximise both your enjoyment and the results you get from it.

‘Super 7 Fitness slots’ are a great way to get into a Fitness routine. These 30 minute sessions are perfect for the busy lifestyle.

Each session host a maximum of 7 people using a range of equipment, exercises and discipline so that you get maximum opportunity to master each. Every session will never be the same, making it more enjoyable and more effective. If you love fitness classes but feel left out in the big gyms and crowds then come and try our ‘Super 7 Fitness slots’.


Still not convinced? Why not book in for a free taster session?

We’re confident that once you meet us and understand what we are about and what we can do for you. You’ll be hooked.

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