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Training with us will make you leaner, stronger and feeling great. In a matter of weeks you will be firmer and ready to achieve much more in life.

Muscle Tone

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With our guidance you will achieve more muscle tone and definition quickly meaning you will look great.


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Transforming your lifestyle and overall well being with U2 Fitness Trainers will help you lead a healthier life.


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Simply a better way to train. We will make you fitter, stronger, leaner and happier.

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Welcome to U2, the place where men and women get to be real and get results.

Our concept is like no other and the fact that our trainers are all champions at what they do is testament to the quality of training and results you will achieve.

Our team is here to get you the results you want either through one on one personal training, or group training, or “Super 7 fitness slots”; these are great ways of getting results within your budget.

If you are looking for a training facility that has trainers
who make a difference then this is the place for you.

No queuing for equipment, no waiting around, no random posers, just solid logical training from passionate trainers.

The human body is incredibly complex and still not fully understood. The reason for many people’s weight gain and dysfunction are often as varied as their hair or skin colour.